Bachelor Arbeit

Entwurf, Konzeption und Implementierung einer Messenger-freundlichen Meet-me Android App auf Basis von Indoor OpenStationMap mit Hilfe beispielsweise durchnummerierter oder benannter, audioausgabefähiger Micromap-Ortsnamen

Layout, concept and implementation of a messenger meet-me Android Application of the foundation of Indoor OpenStationMap with the support of generic Micromap-Ortsnamen


This bachelor thesis describes the development of a native android application on top of the Google Maps API to solve the "meet me" demand within buildings. Google maps offers therefore a map framework which is familiar to many users. The required indoor data for this is loaded through an interface provided by the OpenStationMap project. The application is capable of loading indoor data whilst it is either online or offline and visualising the given OpenStationMap styles. To facilitate organizing meeting points with other users. An interface with WhatsApp messenger is created to allow receiving, sending and showing meeting points.
Also generic defined Micromap-Ortsnamen help as distinctive points on the map to find the best meeting point. After an introduction to the topic and the structure of this thesis an evaluation of indoor application is appended. An explanation and overview of addressing systems is followed by an explanation of the created application.
The setup of the application is considered in the following part, with a conclusion and an outlook at the end of this thesis. The application is in an Alpha-Release state.

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