Beuth Campus App

Indoor Map of Beuth Buildings

This is a 3D-Visualisation of the indoor Beuth buildings at the campus in Berlin-Wedding (Tegel is not supported yet) for Android mobile phones. The App is "work in progress" and this is the first release. Nevertheless it should be at a stable point. If you want to participate to the Beuth Indoor Project in any way(visualisation, coding, collecting data) or just for feedback please contact me through the contact site(German or English). News will be published here.

Download via your browser. Android will probably ask you if you trust the source because the download is not from Google Play Store (I haven't done this yet). Just click settings and tick "unknown sources". In the next screen "OK" and install. After the installation the App should appear in the Apps menu.

Beuth Example 1 Beuth Example 2 Beuth Example 3 Beuth Example 4

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