Working Examples

Projects I worked on

Human Development Report

In my 6th semester at the Beuth university my fellow student and me where required to held a session in one of our courses. We decided to pick the topic "Human Development". For this session we prepared a presentation about the "Human Development Report" and it's goals. Additionally, we developed an example web map with Mapbox GL which we could use independently without a Mapbox key to show the students what is possible with an Vector map instead of an leaflet approach. link to project

Barcelona Project

Recently, a fellow student and me developed a web project about the city of Barcelona in Spain where we provide information about interesting geospatial information which we summed up in a report on a website. The website is divided into to 2 parts. The first part shows a report in which we talk about interesting facts about Barcelona, the way we analyzed open data from Sentinel and Landsat program and the technicals we used. On the other web-page you will find a leaflet map with the result. Check it out!

Indoor Web Map

In my internship in Summer 2016 I had the opportunity to work on a server setup for the visualization of Open Street Map indoor data using vector tiles. The map you can see below is focusing on train stations but the service is also available for other buildings where we have data in Open Street Map(worldwide service). It was a great challenge to learn how all the parts of Database, Server and Client work with each other to provide a good user experience. Check it out!

Vector Map

I recently found this really cool project. It is a jQuery Vector Map. It is not like leaflet where we use a raster map in the background and usually put a geojson file in the foreground to visualise a certain topic. Here we just work with the shape of the world... (in this case, other shapes are available). Like always are other things possible but since I have to do something for my studies I just visualized the country's where I have been travelling to. If you want to find out more click here

Interactive Web Map

This was one my first web maps. I visulised an example of the German arms export worldwide. I could see how powerful leaflet.js is or web maps in general work but also where the limitation is.

Real time Overpass query

In this example I played a little bit with the new discovered turf.js library. On top of that I got familiar with the OSM Overpass query language to get real time OSM data. I used this data as a basis to visualize the areas in my home town which are covered by public transportation. Select the layer in top right or have a look at the code...

Daily journey of the Beuth students in the course GIS Project

This is a work-piece which I created at the university. I collected the data of all the students in the course GIS Project which includes public transportation and the places where they live. After that I visualized what kind of public transportation they use and how far they have to travel every day.

Aircraft noise in Nurnberg

In this work we used the first time OpenStreetMap data. The challenge was to combine the different data sources and make a nice map of them. This work was done with ArcMap. © OpenStreetMap contributors CC BY-SA
Selected Airports in Germany

Green Energy in Europe

In my second work I used ArcMap to connect the country's of the European Union in the range of Green Energy.
Green Energy in Europe

British Isles

This was my first work at the university. We had to extend the scale of the map of the British Isles. The biggest challenge was the shape of the coastline of Scotland. We used Adobe Illustrator.
British Isles


This work example looks quite simple but I put a lot of work in it. The Island group of Yamdena almost did not exist in OSM. The first job I had to do was the digitalisation of the satellite picture of the islands. After that I was ready to load the OSM data in QGIS and select the layer which are necessary to draw a nice overview map of Yamdena. © OpenStreetMap contributors CC BY-SA

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